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Terminology The 2 most common types of home phones are: Land line- or (POTS) -Plain Old Telephone  Service, telephone service employing analog signal transmission over copper loops VoIP -Voice over Internet Protocol,Voice over Internet Protocol is a group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications over the Internet. Popular ones include: RingCentral Vonage Magic Jack Ooma Another alternative if you wanted to use cordless or regular phones, is a Home phone that is Cellular, such as : StraightTalk Home Phone US Cellular Home Phone Here are Some things We can do: Answer questions on these phone types Install and service these phone systems in your Home or Office Repair these types of systems Relocate these systems, from office to office, building to building or house to house Install lines and jacks for phones or FAX machines Install lines to be used for security systems (burglar or fire) We also install wiring for computer Networking, Switches and Routers Move or Install Cable (Coax) for your devices Install Phone, Data, Cable TV wiring and jacks for Remodeling or Additions to your property  
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